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What are the amiko ?

Amikoj (potus amikus) are animals living in wild forests or grasslands. Despite the fact they have fur , they're no mamals. Native of Limousin Forests and Rwanda's Grasslands and Primary Fortest of Lac Kivu, this creature is an endengered species. So far 4 alive or extinct species have been discovered

Strangely they share no DNA with any other known species on Earth. Charles Darwin excluded Amikoj from his Theory of Evolution, starting a Vendetta on all proofs of Amikoj existences. It resulted in a destruction of most of the paintings, trophee, fosiles of Amikoj. Hopefully some of them have been protected by previous preservationist association.

Dr Louis Bruman published ” Amikoj : Schlussels des Himmels” in Vienna just before WWII. He believed that so-called Ancient Astronauts brought us Knowledge. But knowing we couldn't stay true to it, they also gave us a gardian, someone to watch and to take of us. For Bruman that was the Amikoj. He called them Die Wätcher von der Erde ( the Guardians of Earth)

Now just a view archeologists and scientiss still working on the subject..Discoveries ,made by Prof Anatole Maisoneuf in 1985 in Italy and after in Mali and Peru, kind of corraborate Bruman thesis. Those Ancients murals clearly depict superior being with Amikoj. You could find all the pictures on our flickr

Amikoj and Humankind

Since the beginning of humanity, amikoj have been close to us. Their relations with human is more than complex. With cats and dogs they have been on the first species tamed by mankind.

Even, if some scientists don't go for the Ancient Astronauts Theory, Numerous Cave paintings of Amikoj have been discovered. Dating the Amikoj-Mankind contact at the Neolithic Ages. In Limousin, the caves of the Ambazac Valley are a rare historical area, where archeologists find every year new murals.


At the eve of the industrial age, they were quite common in the peasant familly, they were sherperd best confident . French colonization helped amikoj to spread in New France (Québec, New Orléans). At the Versailles court, during the reign of Louis XVI, Amikoj were as fashionable as a Dashund.

Western Industrialisation has cut the link that bonded our two species together. In the 30s, amikoj started to be somehow popular in Hollywood. Lady Diana, Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy's familly adopted them.



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