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The Foundation

The kliniko foundation has been created in 2005. It follows a long history of preservationist associations, starting during the XVIIth century with the Salon des Selmnites, La Jonchère Country Club and the Association Amiko

Learning from who preceded us, the Foudation's aim is clear and simple : protect the species. The foundation is based since 2006 in Nantes (Pays de la Loire -France), with a brief relocation in New York City in 2008.

Our missions

We have four missions : being a shelter for all the injured amikoj, being a reproduction center to avoid genectic deficiencies , organazing scientific expedition all over the world and publizice our activities. Those missions inspired what we do day to day to save the species, like our new In the land of the amiko documentaries series

Pr Teinaki

Pr George Teinaki took of the Kliniko Foundation in 2006. He graduated from the NSUG (Natural Science University of Geret- Creuse-). the kliniko foundation expands its activities to new horizons and tries to sensibilize a large base of peopole in order to save the species. Under his direction, the Amikoj movement came from closeted to public in order to better fullfill our missions.




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